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ILLogical Records
ILLogical originated in 2000 as a group with three members; FLoW Masters, Royalty, and Gringo. After awhile of just written cyphers and whatnot, FLoW Masters dropped out. Gringo changed his name to G-Zus Kriced, and he and Royalty changed ILLogical into a label. They recruited several people; Brilliant 1 (he and Royalty formed Faded Black), the Mic Raiders Enigmatic & Swift 1), Vince Jadefrost, & X-Hale. Afterwards, FLoW Masters joined back as Phil Osophy, and one of the label's peoples, Gallium (previously J'Drew) decided to join as well. Several cuts later down the line has not changed the progress in ILLogical Records' musical conquest. Now in 2007, the roster is G-Zus Kriced, Phil Osophy, and Gallium.
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