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Use in need of important business. Such as collaborations, album cover design, website design, production, or information on how to purchase physical copies of his cleared albums. Also a secondary use of how to join the Universal Funk Connection.

Probably the most updated mirror site of G-Zus Kriced. A secondary link to most everything related to him and his music. Featuring recent releases, links, news, and cover designs.

Quite possibly the biggest source for G-Zus Kriced music. Featuring the complete albums Krusaficks, Resurrection, Missed in the Mix: 2003-2005, and the Premixtape for FREE download. Also has Christrumentals and Anarchangel albums for purchase at the Soundclick Store.

A decent source for both G-Zus Kriced music and all ILLogical Records members' music to be found. Featuring a very decent interface with cover design and tons of user interaction.

While being an outdated source that no longer allows uploading of music, this site still contains a downloadable copy of G-Zus Kriced's 2003 album: Resurrection.

A rather highly customizable music site. Features album covers, information, and five random G-Zus Kriced tracks at a time.

A small site featuring sections for albums. You can find a few tracks on here.

A site where songs can be rated if you pay. You can find some songs here.

All of G-Zus Kriced's albums, album covers, and information galore.

Handful of tracks. Nothing special.

Not a great layout or source for uploading music, but there's tracks on here anyway.
A very official looking site for viewing music. As you can see from the name, you are able to download music.

BETA Records
Featuring tracks, covers, photos, and even RINGTONES of G-Zus Kriced songs.

Information, and a handful of tracks. Nothing too special.

Nothing much here yet. Stay tuned...

While not featuring or allowing upload of music, this has a rather decent collection of G-Zus Kriced's covers and designs.

A growing website targeted to musicians and DJs. Features recent music and a free download of G-Zus Kriced's Premixtape.

Not a very common site for musicians but G-Zus Kriced's music can be found on here nonetheless. Free downloads, and if you're a user, you're able to use them in your flash submissions.

A highly customizable site with basically the same information and handful of songs.

Songs for sale on here.

Amie St.
Songs for download that basically start charging money for them once they become popular.

A MySpace-like site directed towards hip-hop.

Song and information.

Information and some songs.

Info and random songs.

Project Overseer
Info and more random songs.

Information mirror.

Digital Beat Music
Tracks and info. Same shit.

Scrub Records
Info and tracks. Shit same.

Artist Launch
Info and a song.

Info and song again.

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